I’m pleased to say that waxing is still booming in the beauty industry, thanks to new technology it will suit almost everyone. Still a form of temporary hair removal known to most women and men.  It is possible to wax just about any area of the body from the upper lip and nostrils to legs, bikini line, arms, chest or back.

If you are new to waxing and have last shaved or used depilatory creams, 10 minimum days growth is usually sufficient for the first treatment. Once waxing becomes your desired way of hair removal a period of 4 – 6 weeks is generally recommended between treatments.

We recommend and retail Outback Organics products to work alongside waxing to avoid in-growing hairs and skin irritation.

Please tell us :

  • If you are Diabetic as must have GP approval
  • If you’ve recently had a course of antibiotics, as this may affect the skin’s sensitivity and be more prone to bruising
  • If you have areas affected by varicose veins as they must be avoided

You should not take a hot bath or shower 8 hours before and 24 hours after waxing as it can sensitise the skin
If you are premenstrual or feeling under the weather – it may be more uncomfortable, but we do recommend taking ibruprofen 1 hour prior to waxing to ease the discomfort.

Price List

½ leg£19.00
¾ leg£25.00
¾ leg & Bikini tidy or full leg£32.00
Full leg & bikini£36.00
Bikini tidy & underarm£23.00
Bikini tidy£14.00
Bikini reshape£17.00
Brazilian wax♥£26.00
Playboy wax♥£30.00
Hollywood wax♥£35.00
Underarm ♥£12.00
Full arm£20.00
Lip or chin ♥ (specify wax or threading)£10.00
Lip & chin     (specify wax or threading)£13.50
Eyebrow shape  (specify wax or threading)



♥ Peelable Outbacks Organics hot wax is vegan friendly and resin free.  Best for sensitive skin and thick stubborn hairs. We have aftercare for everyone. Outbacks organics botanical oils, aloe vera, tea tree and lemon and myrtle.

NB: Pre and post waxing avoid sun/UV exposure, gym, swim, sauna or steam, and avoid perfumed productsfor 24hrs.