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Treatment Of The Month


Holistic Month November treatment of the month
45 mins.
This ancient relaxation technique works on the principal of
the feet mirroring the body so balance can be restored.
Normally £37 offer £32.
Quote offer on booking*.
Massage Madness!
Alison is offering a 30 Minute Back neck and shoulder
massage for £30 for the whole of October/November!
For an extra £5.00 why not heat things up add a warm
lava shell into the mix to ease tension and sore muscles.
Claire is offering a FREE back
exfoliation with any 30 minute
back massage for £35.
Felicity is offering a LeRemedi hand
This luxurious hand treatment helps
prevent premature ageing and
significantly reduces signs already
evident. 30 mins £20



Lash & Brows

The focal point of our face that everyone is drawn to is our eyes. Shaping the eyebrows makes a huge difference as it frames the face and opens and lifts the eyes.

Give your face an instant lift with a very simple treatment. Eyebrows can be shaped in two ways. The most popular uses a warm wax as it’s easy to create a smooth shape. The alternative is to pluck the brows, which will give the same result but takes slightly longer. The shape will be totally individual to you as your eyes dictate a natural shape.

Another treatment for the eyes is an eyelash tint. Perfect for blond, fair lashes, holidays, regular swimming and exercise, saving time in the mornings. They will look darker, thicker and longer. The results will last about six weeks.

We have a selection of natural and strong colours available including brown, black, blue or graphite.

The treatment is also suitable for individuals who wear glasses or contact lenses.

If you want to perfect your look, an eyebrow tint is the answer. It works well in conjunction with shaping as it frames the face and makes the look complete. It gives a stunning finish for light or dark brows.

A sensitivity patch test is required at least 24 hrs prior to any tinting.

Price List

Lash & Brows Duration Price
Lash tint – includes a hand massage 20 min £16.00
Brow tint 15 min £12.00
Lash & Brow tint 30 min £26.00
Brow shape & tint 30 min £22.00
Lash & Brow tint + Brow shape 40 min £36.00

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