At Belle Chic, we know that all nails are not alike! As hair and skin differ from person to person – dry or oily, normal or damaged – so do nails. With this in mind we have chosen to use the Jessica system for nails.

Jessica started as a manicurist over 30 years ago in America. She saw the need to formulate her own products and systems for creating what have come to be regarded as the most beautiful nails in the world. Customized base coats and correctives are now available, each precisely right for a specific problem or nail type.

Our  individualized treatments put the world’s most advanced natural nail care range at your fingertips. Enjoy total relaxation along with a full nail analysis, exfoliation, massage, soak, cuticle work, file and polish creating hands you will love. We work with you to enhance the beauty of your natural nails. We don’t use acrylic or extensions at Belle Chic as we believe in natural beauty remedies. GELeration now works along with the natural nail to allow up to 3 weeks of the most perfect, shiny gel polished nails.

Price List

Manicures & PedicuresDurationPrice
File & paint hands or feet30 min£15.50
Express manicure40 min£25.00
Express pedicures40 min£26.00
Cuticles tidied, shape & paint if desired.
Le Remedie hand facial45 min£29
A relaxing, anti-aging hand & nail treatment to exfoliate plump & firm
Manicure1 hr£29.00
Massage, cuticle work,nail soak, file & paint
Luxury manicure1 hr 20£37.50
As above, with added exfoliation & thermal mitts for supple, soft  skin & relieved joint pain.
Pedicure – please bring sandals1 hr£33.00
Lay back with a foot soak, hard skin removal, exfoliation, massage, cuticle work, file & paint
Luxury pedicure1 hr 20£39.50
As above, with lower leg exfoliation & thermal booties or a refreshing & hydrating foot mask

Express Geleration Manicure                                                                                             £27.00

Geleration Manicure                                                                                                             £37.00

Express Geleration pedicure                                                                                                £34.00

Geleration Pedicure                                                                                                              £42.00

Note: There is a small extra charge for french polish at £3.00