Sterex offers both short wave diathermy (thermolysis) and blend methods, for permanent hair removal on most areas, eg. upper lip, bikini line, eyebrows.

Electrolysis is a simple method of hair removal, by inserting a small needle into the hair follicle. It is then treated with either a short wave or a blend current.

Short wave uses one current of heat to destroy the hairs food/blood supply*.

Blend uses two currents making a natural chemical reaction, destroying the hair*.

Treatment is adapted to meet your needs dependent on contra-indications (conditions/ailments) which will be assessed during your consultation.

Certain contra-indications can be treated but your GP’s written authorisation is required.

All needles used are completely sterile and are disposed of after each treatment.

*More than one treatment is needed.

Price List

Consultation required
15 min£18.00
20 min£23.00
30 min£28.00