I’d like to introduce you to threading, it’s an ancient form of hair removal originating in the Eastern world, now taking department stores by storm

Specially designed anti-bacterial thread is twisted and rolled over the unwanted hair, plucking it from the follicle. It’s not like tweezing, as short lines can be removed, rather than one at a time.

It’s very precise and gentle on the skin and so is mainly used for eyebrows and facial hair. It won’t leave the skin very red either, however some people may react more than others and may take up to 48hrs to settle.

After threading, 100% natural Mii mineral powder will be applied to give the skin a flawless finish.

Lip or chin – 15 min £10.00

Sides of face – 20 min £15.00

Eyebrow tidy – 15 min £13.00