Click through the images and read below to see what to expect when walking in off the High Street

Salon and client etiquette

Please wait at the designated area. The Therapist will come to collect you.

Please arrive alone and promptly at your appointment time. If you are late to your treatment this may result in your treatment being cut short or not taking place but a full treatment charge being incurred.

Please be mindful not to arrive too early and leave promptly after your appointment.

Please maintain social distancing whilst waiting outside and moving within the building.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided.

A temperature reading shall be taken and we will ask you to fill out a track and trace form. These will be stored for 21 days.

If you show any symptoms, we will have the right to postpone your treatments and reschedule for 14 days.

Please wear a mask or one will be provided.

Please bring minimal items with you so there is less risk of cross contamination.

If you have been abroad (including countries with air bridges) we ask that you postpone your treatment for 14 days from returning.

Payments are preferred to be done by bank transfer before leaving the salon. If cash is the only option, please have the correct money within a sealed envelope. Payment with Mel can be done by card.

Retail and to be paid by card only.

Please do not bring drinks or food to your appointment.

We ask that all items to be in place in the box provided in the rooms including mobile phones.

All staff have had training to ensure we are Covid secure. All staff temperatures will be monitored twice a day. We shall be wearing vizors, masks and appropriate PPE for our treatments.

We will be washing our hands before and after every client as normal.

All rooms will be allocated a 15 minute sterilising and preparation time.

Unfortunately, the toilet will be unavailable for client use. Please consider this before coming to your appointment.

Your appointment will include a charge of £3 for PPE, extra cleaning and disposable costs. 

Whilst we are taking every reasonable precaution to limit your exposure to coronavirus we cannot guarantee that there is NO risk as a result of attending the salon. Your consent will be requested and recorded on your track and trace form, as well as an assurance that you have no symptoms of coronavirus or have been exposed to someone who does.

We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions or concerns.

The Belle Chic Team

Belle Chic Health & Beauty

COVID -19 Disclaimer/ Track & trace

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve put extra measures in place for the safety of you and our staff. We require all clients to read our COVID-19 form before arrival so that we can provide the best possible and safe experience to our clients and staff. If you wish, you can download and email it to us, on the day or print out to fill in on the day.

Please carefully read and answer the questions honestly on the form. This information will be stored confidentially and securely for 21 days then destroyed.

If you or a member of your household has developed a cough, fever, breathlessness, sore throat, loss of smell or taste or experienced continuous headaches in the last 14 days, please contact us before your appointment so we can obtain further information from you and advise what to do. Also we ask if you have returned from outside the UK that you wait 14 days before coming to the salon.

Please get in touch if you have any questions – we’re looking forward to welcoming you back.

We are excited and anxious to return to the salon. It has been an unusual amount of time off and so much has happened. We understand you may have gone through difficult times and day to day living and working is not normal anymore. We hope that if you have any concerns or worries you can express those before you come for your appointment so we can help put you a ease as best we can. 

So you know what our plans are here’s a quick briefing

I (Mel) have been longing to return to work but the Government return date has sadly coincided with my Dad’s funeral on 15th July.

Alan Hulford (I know he was known by some in and around Hungerford) was diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer in April (plus coronavirus making it impossible to have treatment). He passed away peacefully on 2nd July with my Mum glued faithfully and caringly to his side. This is why you saw and heard from Felicity more than me….I hope to return on the 20th July but won’t be able to be back as much as hoped. I’m still working out child care. I will be in on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during August.

I can take payment via card or BACS and the self employed therapists will provide bank details for a bank transfer/online payment on the day. 

Felicity will be returning to work on the 20th July from 10 ~ 5 sometimes flexible

Alison will be returning 22nd July from 10 ~ 4 

Claire will be returning to work Saturday 25th 10 ~ 4 and  only Saturday’s up to September then will work Tuesday too. Farm life and child care is tricky balance.

Kelly is back 10 ~ 5 on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. please arrange a time for patch testing or collecting products and vouchers from us.

If you would like to book a lash lift, brow or eyelash tint we will insist you are re patch tested.

Why? Over time your body can develop sensitivities due to medication, stress and illness. This compromises your immune system and if you have had the corona virus or any health changes this may be heightened and it is our job to see that you are still tolerant to the tinting or lifting process. 

If I refuse to have a patch test? I‘m sorry, we will not perform this treatment until you agree. It is for your safety

If I forget to have a test and show up for my appointment? This will result in full payment being taken for the appointment as you will have been instructed to make a booking to come to the salon for a patch test.

Please understand that every precaution we implement is to protect you , ourselves and the community.


14th August. 

Latest news

EYE TREATMENTS are GO AHEAD with all staff

LIP AND CHIN waxing is GO AHEAD and will be available with all staff. 

ELECTROLYSIS has been permitted but we we discuss our options as we have to work face to face for prolonged periods of time. It may mean we only offer 15 mins. Please call or email if you require treatment and we can make a list

FACIALS ARE GO, GO,GO! Mel and Alison will be offering facials under strict conditions and you must read and agree with our track and trace form before your appointment. If there is any doubt then the appointment must be moved. 1 hour facials initially.  

At Belle Chic, we decided from the day we opened that we would wear a mask and a visor and clients would wear a mask.  

14 August 2020

Beauty industry to fully reopen in England 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night announced that beauty treatments on the face can take place in England from Saturday 15 August and that all hair and beauty professionals will now be required to wear both a Type II surgical mask and a visor whilst working. 

Please see the government guidance for close contact services in England here.

This comes after the disappointing announcement two weeks ago that beauty businesses were able to reopen but banned any treatments to be carried out in the ‘high-risk zone’, which is the area directly in front of the face. 

All businesses will be required to operate in a Covid-secure way. This means undertaking risk assessments and following the guidelines set out by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), including wearing the appropriate PPE, which is now the additional surgical face mask plus a visor, social distancing, thorough cleaning, and operating by appointment-only. 

The Prime Minister also announced that tougher measures will be put in place for people who don’t follow the guidance including increased fines for not wearing a mask. The government will continue with local lockdowns where necessary to help control the spread of the virus. 

Hilary Hall, chief executive of the NHBF said, “This is fantastic news for thousands of people in the beauty industry who have, up until now, been unsure about the future of their businesses. We have been working tirelessly with other industry organisations to get to this point, which has been hugely delayed compared to other sectors. We strongly urge everyone working in close contact services to ensure they operate in a safe and secure way so that the industry doesn’t face any more closures.” 

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have updated their ‘Safer workplaces’ guidelines to include these latest announcements. 

These rules apply to all beauty practitioners in England, including those working in salon spaces as well as freelancers, eyebrow and eyelash professionals, mobile operators, retail and session makeup artists. 

The new guidance doesn’t apply to businesses currently in local lockdown who should check with their local authorities on when these services can reopen. 

The NHBF continues to work with governments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on any further developments. 

What are Type II face masks?

Medical face masks are classified into two types: Type I and Type II according to their Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE). The BFE determines the amount of infective agent retained by the facemask and therefore directly relates to the amount of bacteria released through the mask and into the environment.

Type II masks are further divided according to their Splash Resistance Pressure which determines the mask’s resistance level to potentially contaminated fluid splashes.

  • A Type IIR mask is splash resistant, the letter ‘R’ signifies splash resistance.
  • A Type II mask is not splash resistant.

Splash resistance is required in clinical settings to protect the wearer against splashes of blood or bodily fluids.