NEW DERMACO non surgical Facial treatments)

Dermaco is the ultimate in microcurrent therapy giving you a natural face or body lift, delaying the aging process. It’s a safe, simple and pain free treatment. It uses a microcurrent sending an electrical message to the brain telling the muscle to ‘stay’ where it has been moved to.

Like exercise, a course of treatments is recommended to achieve the ultimate results, followed by monthly maintenance. The facial is relaxing and visibly effective after one treatment. It is performed using 2 cotton tipped probes which stretch, lift and pinch the muscles of the face working from the forehead down to the neck.

The aging process stems from cell degeneration. The skin peaks at 35 yrs then starts to degenerate causing:

  • A build up of toxins which poisons the muscles
  • Circulation slows and the muscle is starved of oxygen and nutrients
  • Collagen production slows and the skin becomes thinner, looser and more wrinkled

The results and benefits of the Stay Young treatments are:

  • Improves complexion
  • Brightens skin
  • Lifts muscles
  • Closes dilated pores
  • Strengthens skin
  • Improves lymphatic (toxins) drainage
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Improves circulation
  • Lifts and brightens eyes

Consultation is required.

Price List

Single or maintenance face and neck treatment1 hr 10£60
Course of 10 for full results 2-3 per week2/3 per week£570
 Eye treatment £34

The Ultimate Dermaco                                          £90

Using the whole range of heat, microdermabrasion, Bio lift, ultrasound and Cryotherapy


Treatments also available for puffy eyes, acne, pigmentation and scarring.

All our treatments are adaptable and available to men.

Price List


Nose wax                                                         5 min                     £4

Brow trim & tidy                                            15 min                   £12

Back / chest wax                                            20 min                  £23

Back, neck & shoulder massage                 45 min                   £45

Lava shell massage                                        45 min                  £47

Dermalogica Facial                                        60 min                  £59

Express Manicure                                           30 min                   £22

Express Pedicure                                           45 min                   £26


Inverness implements a safe sterile system for ear piercing, including all the home care you need.

All studs are either 24kt gold plated or hypoallergenic titanium (nickel free), ranging from 3mm, 4mm and 5mm ball studs to birth stones.

The minimum age for piercing is 8 years. All minors must be accompanied by parent/guardian (16 years).

All earrings and home care are available for purchase.

Price £19.50.

Sterex offers both short wave diathermy (thermolysis) and blend methods, for permanent hair removal on most areas, eg. upper lip, bikini line, eyebrows.

Electrolysis is a simple method of hair removal, by inserting a small needle into the hair follicle. It is then treated with either a short wave or a blend current.

Short wave uses one current of heat to destroy the hairs food/blood supply*.

Blend uses two currents making a natural chemical reaction, destroying the hair*.

Treatment is adapted to meet your needs dependent on contra-indications (conditions/ailments) which will be assessed during your consultation.

Certain contra-indications can be treated but your GP’s written authorisation is required.

All needles used are completely sterile and are disposed of after each treatment.

*More than one treatment is needed.

Price List

Consultation required
15 min£18.00
20 min£23.00
30 min£28.00

The focal point of our face that everyone is drawn to is our eyes. Shaping the eyebrows makes a huge difference as it frames the face and opens and lifts the eyes.

Give your face an instant lift with a very simple treatment. Eyebrows can be shaped in two ways. The most popular uses a warm wax as it’s easy to create a smooth shape. The alternative is to pluck the brows, which will give the same result but takes slightly longer. The shape will be totally individual to you as your eyes dictate a natural shape.

Another treatment for the eyes is an eyelash tint. Perfect for blond, fair lashes, holidays, regular swimming and exercise, saving time in the mornings. They will look darker, thicker and longer. The results will last about six weeks.

We have a selection of natural and strong colours available including brown, black, blue or graphite.

The treatment is also suitable for individuals who wear glasses or contact lenses.

If you want to perfect your look, an eyebrow tint is the answer. It works well in conjunction with shaping as it frames the face and makes the look complete. It gives a stunning finish for light or dark brows.

A sensitivity patch test is required at least 24 hrs prior to any tinting.

Price List

Lash & BrowsDurationPrice
Lash tint – includes a hand massage20 min£16.00
Brow tint15 min£12.00
Lash & Brow tint30 min£26.00
Brow shape & tint30 min£22.00
Lash & Brow tint + Brow shape40 min£36.00

At Belle Chic, we know that all nails are not alike! As hair and skin differ from person to person – dry or oily, normal or damaged – so do nails. With this in mind we have chosen to use the Jessica system for nails.

Jessica started as a manicurist over 30 years ago in America. She saw the need to formulate her own products and systems for creating what have come to be regarded as the most beautiful nails in the world. Customized base coats and correctives are now available, each precisely right for a specific problem or nail type.

Our  individualized treatments put the world’s most advanced natural nail care range at your fingertips. Enjoy total relaxation along with a full nail analysis, exfoliation, massage, soak, cuticle work, file and polish creating hands you will love. We work with you to enhance the beauty of your natural nails. We don’t use acrylic or extensions at Belle Chic as we believe in natural beauty remedies. GELeration now works along with the natural nail to allow up to 3 weeks of the most perfect, shiny gel polished nails.

Price List

Manicures & PedicuresDurationPrice
File & paint hands or feet30 min£15.50
Express manicure40 min£25.00
Express pedicures40 min£26.00
Cuticles tidied, shape & paint if desired.
Le Remedie hand facial45 min£29
A relaxing, anti-aging hand & nail treatment to exfoliate plump & firm
Manicure1 hr£29.00
Massage, cuticle work,nail soak, file & paint
Luxury manicure1 hr 20£37.50
As above, with added exfoliation & thermal mitts for supple, soft  skin & relieved joint pain.
Pedicure – please bring sandals1 hr£33.00
Lay back with a foot soak, hard skin removal, exfoliation, massage, cuticle work, file & paint
Luxury pedicure1 hr 20£39.50
As above, with lower leg exfoliation & thermal booties or a refreshing & hydrating foot mask

Express Geleration Manicure                                                                                             £27.00

Geleration Manicure                                                                                                             £37.00

Express Geleration pedicure                                                                                                £34.00

Geleration Pedicure                                                                                                              £42.00

Note: There is a small extra charge for french polish at £3.00

I’m pleased to say that waxing is still booming in the beauty industry, thanks to new technology it will suit almost everyone. Still a form of temporary hair removal known to most women and men.  It is possible to wax just about any area of the body from the upper lip and nostrils to legs, bikini line, arms, chest or back.

If you are new to waxing and have last shaved or used depilatory creams, 10 minimum days growth is usually sufficient for the first treatment. Once waxing becomes your desired way of hair removal a period of 4 – 6 weeks is generally recommended between treatments.

We recommend and retail Outback Organics products to work alongside waxing to avoid in-growing hairs and skin irritation.

Please tell us :

  • If you are Diabetic as must have GP approval
  • If you’ve recently had a course of antibiotics, as this may affect the skin’s sensitivity and be more prone to bruising
  • If you have areas affected by varicose veins as they must be avoided

You should not take a hot bath or shower 8 hours before and 24 hours after waxing as it can sensitise the skin
If you are premenstrual or feeling under the weather – it may be more uncomfortable, but we do recommend taking ibruprofen 1 hour prior to waxing to ease the discomfort.

Price List

½ leg£19.00
¾ leg£25.00
¾ leg & Bikini tidy or full leg£32.00
Full leg & bikini£36.00
Bikini tidy & underarm£23.00
Bikini tidy£14.00
Bikini reshape£17.00
Brazilian wax♥£26.00
Playboy wax♥£30.00
Hollywood wax♥£35.00
Underarm ♥£12.00
Full arm£20.00
Lip or chin ♥ (specify wax or threading)£10.00
Lip & chin     (specify wax or threading)£13.50
Eyebrow shape  (specify wax or threading)



♥ Peelable Outbacks Organics hot wax is vegan friendly and resin free.  Best for sensitive skin and thick stubborn hairs. We have aftercare for everyone. Outbacks organics botanical oils, aloe vera, tea tree and lemon and myrtle.

NB: Pre and post waxing avoid sun/UV exposure, gym, swim, sauna or steam, and avoid perfumed productsfor 24hrs.